• Melochromatic - Eucatastrophe
  • Melochromatic - Eucatastrophe
  • Melochromatic - Eucatastrophe
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I designed a logo, a website and t-shirts for Melochromatic. They were the first band I worked with on an album project, and the design remains one of my favorites. The title of the record is Eucatastrophe, a word that songwriter Steve Zank described to me as a tragic event that is redeemed in an unexpected way.

The image that came from this discussion was a broken down city being transformed into a forest, a place containing life but not the type it was originally purposed for. The images for the album were created using a combination of hand and digital illustration techniques.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tim on several different projects. His ability to take an abstract idea from concept to culmination is difficult to find, and is the very reason I always return to him with my design needs. He is incredibly skilled technically (which is great) but even more importantly he is an artistic visionary able to surprise and inspire. Tim is prompt, and consistently creates beyond my expectation.”

Steve Zank